We are open By Appointment Only.

Come on in! Enjoy the relaxing environment and take a seat in any of our comfy chairs or chaise loungers. Guests may arrive 5-10 minutes prior to their appointment time.

In the rare chance the door is locked, we are likely in a session and will be with you momentarily.

Gift wrapped Certificates are available upon request. Vouchers may be emailed or printed.

NEW Seasonal Service: Wrapped in Roses

Couples Massage

Whether you are seeking to strengthen your relationship, celebrate a special occasion, or simply looking for something fun to do with your significant other, a couples massage is the the perfect plan. At Radiant Massage Therapy, we love helping our clients relax and connect with their partners, and we understand the healing benefits that come with it.

We love adding special surprises for our guests! Our Couples Massage ends with your choice of Sparkling Wine or Seltzer, sweet treats and cool aromatic towels.

Organic Vanilla Infused Jojoba Oil

Lovingly handcrafted for our lovely clients. It’s a project of patience as it takes about 2 weeks to be ready.

Jojoba Oil is very close to our body’s natural oil (sebum) and is absolutely wonderful for the skin. It is rich in oleic acid and antioxidants, like Vitamin C, which protects the skin from sun damage and premature aging. Topically, it can also be used as an analgesic (reduces pain) to help soothe ache muscles and joints.

Did you know? We hand write each of our Thank You cards for our first-time clients. That’s over 1k and counting!

We genuinely believe in manifesting gratitude and being appreciative of our clients. We strive to make your visits to Radiant Massage Therapy as memorable, healing, and nurturing as possible.

That includes personal touches to let our clients know how special they are.


We are happy to share that we have expanded our training to accommodate for your specific medical conditions, injuries, and preferences. We have been thinking of you and what we could do to improve your experience to better impact your health, well-being and overall results of your session. 

We have completed additional training hours and obtained Certification and/or Certificate of Completion for the following modalities: 

  • Sobe Tan certified Spray Tan Artist
  • The Science of Cupping Therapy
  • Cupping Therapy and Your Massage Practice
  • Gua Sha Sculpting and Acupressure for Face Lifting
  • The Ultimate Gua Sha/Jade Rolling Certificate
  • Facial Cupping Massage Certificate
  • Gua Sha Facial Massage Certificate
  • Pro Facial Tips for Gorgeous Skin at Home
  • Jurlique certified Beauty Expert
  • Bellabaci Training
  • Kneipp Training
  • Ethical Dilemmas Fully Exposed
  • Thriving in the Age of Covid-19
  • Cancer and Massage Therapy: Treatments Part II

Note from Tania: Every body is unique and your massage deserves to be personalized.

I love learning new approaches and refreshing my massage routine so I have many techniques to choose from. I’ve been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 17 years and still absolutely love what I do. I won’t fall into a rut or give the same massage over and over. I complete class after class after class. This is what drives me and what excites me. I can’t wait for you to be on the table! I am committed to my education so you benefit the most from your session.



Radiant Massage Therapy was voted BEST MASSAGE in Hunterdon County!!!

Thank you for voting. Thank you for supporting. Thank you for being amazing friends & family & clients!

I shelved my career for years to be a Stay At Mom and somehow I found my way back to what I love to do. I didn’t think it would mean anything but it hit me really hard.

I love what I do.

I love it when I’m having the best day and even on the days my knee is throbbing and my hands are numb. Through blood, sweat and tears. One week after surgery, I was renovating the new spa. I was hobbling with a cane & pushing boxes on a rolling stool. There was no resting.

But I love what I do. I stay up late reading magazines, watching international competition videos, obsessing over products and geeking out over new techniques. The validation right now for all that hard work, it’s humbling.

I’m so lucky to do this. To help people. To share profound relationships and be there for others. There’s nothing else like it. Thank you for letting me work on you. It truly brings me joy and purpose.

With all the feels, Tania

Celebrating the Holiday Season

New Location: 170 State Route 31, Suite 5

Thank you for growing with us. 

Okay- So I know Radiant Massage Therapy has moved around quite a bit, but I promise it has been for the better! This time, I’ve found the place where I will be for a long time. This location is on the ground floor so there are no more elevators or stairs and it has plenty of room to grow into! There are 3 treatment rooms (one is a Couples Massage room), a Spray Tan room, two restrooms, an office and a lounge. 

This is the first time Radiant Massage Therapy is it’s own entity and it’s truly been a dream. Thank you for helping me build something meaningful. I hope that you love coming to visit, and that your sessions continue to match your expectations. This has been designed with you in mind and creating a nook for you to find some peace. I can’t wait for you to visit and enjoy the new location. 

Gift wrapped Certificates are available upon request. Vouchers may be emailed or printed.

Hunterdon Happening 2022 Wellness: Best Massage FINALIST… 4th Year in a row!!!

Thank you for your votes and sharing your experiences with others. It made a big impact and Radiant Massage Therapy was voted as a Finalist for the 4th year in a row!!! It’s a big deal for 2 little hands! Whoop, whoop!  

Updated Policies: Tipping and Cancellations

Our thoughts on tipping:  When I established Radiant Massage Therapy in 2008, I had this idea that gratuity would be included in the cost of services. I still believe that massage is part of healthcare and gratuity should not be required. In the past, the massages prices were all-inclusive. Over the last 2 years, that has slowly phased out. This was a natural progression due to COVID, inflation, increased products costs and also confusion. Many clients wanted to leave a tip, the credit card machine automatically prompts to leave a tip and over time, gratuity became accepted.

Radiant Massage Therapy will continue to hold to the integrity of our practice and will not charge for upgrades, upsells, or monthly membership plans. Gratuity is not expected, but is welcome if given. This is a new challenge to navigate as I hold a personal philosophy that gratuity is optional and non-obligatory. I, myself, do not expect gratuity for my services and especially not from clients whom I have seen for so long. With that being said, the new associates may ask clients if they would like to leave a tip based on the quality of the service. 

Moderate Cancellation Policy: Cancel for free up to 24hours ahead, otherwise you could be charged 30% of the service price for late cancellation or 50% for not showing up. We require a credit card on file to make an appointment and no charges are placed on the credit card at the time of booking or confirmation. Nothing is charged until after the service. You are able to change the payment method at the conclusion of your session. 

October: Breast Cancer Fundraising Event


Evolve Pink provides programs that support with compassion, empower with education, comfort with holistic modalities, build supportive community, and bring powerful individualized healing experiences to women and families affected by breast cancer. 

  • Risk Awareness and Prevention Education
  • Guest Speakers
  • Support Meetups
  • Young Women’s Groups
  • Door-to-Door Transportation
  • Head Shaving and Empowerment Parties
  • Free Wig and Head Scarf Fittings
  • Post Mastectomy Bra and Prosthetic Fittings
  • Battling Beautifully Campaign
  • Healing Arts
  • Yoga, Fitness, Dance
  • Reiki and Acupuncture
  • Meditation and Journaling
  • Book Clubs
  • Coffee with your Doc Program
  • Community and Friendship
  • Self-Care Parties


Welcome Julio!

Dear Radiant Family,

We are incredibly lucky to have Julio joining us! Clients are already raving about his massages and the amazing results they are experiencing after a session with him.

If you haven’t scheduled with Julio- I suggest that you give him a try. He has awesome technique, good hands, and a great energy about him. He specializes in Pin & Stretch (aka Active Release Therapy- ART), which is a stretching and therapeutic technique highly effective at treating problems with muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia.

If you hold reservations about it being a male therapist (it’s a thing), Julio holds the same standards that I do. We are healers. We don’t care if you didn’t shave your legs. We love to help others and to heal with our hearts to our hands.

Schedule a Visit

Welcome to Radiant Massage Therapy

New location: 170 State Route 31, Suite 5

Sneak Peek at Room 1 😁

Not to worry- We will be at this location for a long long time! Settling in and it feels so right. This is the first time that Radiant Massage Therapy is standing on its own! This isn’t “Art of Massage by Tania” in-home massage, or located on the 3rd floor at the end of the hallway, or upstairs of a hair salon… this is it!

Radiant Massage Therapy has a home! There are 3 massage rooms & one is a Couples room! That’s right! Couples Massages! There’s a designated Spray Tan room! The hope is to host spa parties for groups (4-8ppl), serve cute appetizers, pretty mocktails and have a upscale boutique vibe.

I’m working with Julio in making new treatments that are catered to his strengths and skills that he has to offer.
It’ll be beneficial for YOU! And it’s something different.

Please be on the look out for changes in the Service Menu over the next couple of months. Don’t be alarmed- we will still be inclusive. No upgrades or surcharges for little indulgences… that’s what we love to offer to you! I am working on stuff. Ideas are churning.

I have been a busy bee. Doing too much for what should be “recovery” but I am inspired. I want this to be perfect for when you come to visit!

I cant wait to see you!!! The Massage Sanctuary will be waiting for you…

Medical Massage

New: Medical Massage

Abbreviated 45 minute sessions to address health concerns and chronic pain patterns. This is a blend of Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Russian Sports Massage, Structural Integration, Stretching, and other therapeutic modalities to relieve pain. Get on the road to Be Well.

Global Massage Makes Me Happy & Healthy Day

“Massage Makes Me Happy” (said anyone who’s had one) 

 Massage can indeed bring happiness. Studies show that it alleviates stress, helps manage pain, and reduces depression. In short, after a massage, you just feel better–emotionally and physically. If you’re someone who makes massage part of their self-care strategy or you just treat yourself once a year, this is no surprise. The multitude of benefits that massage offers is the chief reason we think celebrating Massage Makes Me Happy Day on March 20 is important. But, to be fair, the 19th and 21st work just as well.   

 First, What Is Massage Makes Me Happy?  

 Part of the Global Wellness Institute Initiative, Massage Makes Me Happy is a global movement that aims to celebrate the healing powers of massage therapy and promote its benefits through research, education, advocacy, and awareness. You can join that movement and celebrate Massage Makes Me Happy Day by connecting with a friend and suggesting you take a break one day to enjoy a service. It’s way more than just pampering – not that’s there’s anything wrong with that, haha.

 Want to Learn More About the Benefits of Massage?  

 If you want to be a massage nerd, this link will take you to a collection of research, provided by the Global Wellness Institute.  Wellness Evidence Databases.  

We hope to see you on the the table soon!

Couples Massage

Whether you want to strengthen your relationship, celebrate a special occasion, or simply looking for something fun to do with your significant other, a couples massage could be the perfect plan. At Radiant Massage Therapy, we love helping our clients relax and connect with their partners, and we understand the healing benefits that come with it.

A New Shared Experience

It’s true; couples who share new experiences and try new things together are more closely bonded. You and your partner will continue to grow and learn new things about each other each time you try something new. What better new experience is there than one that will encourage relaxation and intimacy?

Increase Affection

Massages relieve tension from your muscles, but they also release natural chemicals like oxytocin in the body. When you and your partner receive oxytocin — also called the ‘cuddle chemical’ — you will experience increased happiness, calmness, and pleasure both during the massage and after.

Relieve Family Stress

Just like oxytocin, the body also releases serotonin and dopamine during a massage. These chemicals increase feelings of affection, wellbeing, and calmness. Not only can a massage improve your mood, but it can also help reduce stress and encourage thoughtful conversations with your significant other.

Spend Time Together

We know the average couple today have full calendars and countless obligations to feel like they can’t fit in a couples massage. When you schedule an appointment, you are committed to carving out the 60 or 90 minutes for each other. It prioritizes the other person and allows the time to be together.

Be Present

Too many couples fall victim to dwelling on past memories and future uncertainties, leaving them unable to enjoy the present. Massage encourages the participants to embrace the present and fully engage themselves in the activity. After a massage, many couples find that with a little effort they can remain mindful and aware of each other through out day-to-day responsibilities.