Gratitude: Pink Rose Foot Retreat enhanced with Geranium, Rose and Wild Orange

Show Gratitude. Be Grateful. Radiate Love. 

February is the month of love. It’s sort of marketed as a reminder to acknowledge significant people, or a significant person in your life. The subtlety of gratitude is for you to reconnect with the things that you may take for granted. This is very personal and subjective, but for the purpose of massage… this means feet.  You could show gratitude towards your husband or your wife, or partner or friend but you could also show gratitude to the part of your body that takes you where you need to go. As you carry the weight of the world, your feet carry you. Step by step, they trudge forward as under appreciated after thoughts who see little care and rarely any love.I’m serious! Dating back to ancient Chinese medicine, the feet have historically been an important part of self care. The feet are regarded as access points to meridian pathways and are said to impact the whole functionality of the body. Energetically, the feet are respected as indicators of internal imbalances and illnesses that may be happening within the body.  In our culture, our feet don’t hold that high of a regard. Anyway, I am here to encourage you to show gratitude to your feet this month. Firstly, it feels amazing. Secondly, it’s really relaxing. Thirdly, your feet need the love after a winter spent inside closed toe shoes. 

The Pink Rose Foot Retreat starts with hot lavender towels, then an invigorating exfoliation with our handmade, Pink Rose Himalayan Salt Scrub, more hot towels, a luscious application of Moroccan body butter and ends with a foot massage.  The goal is to slough away dry skin, ease away tension and soreness that is stored within the feet, and for you to enjoy a deep relaxation experience.

In acknowledgement of all things hearts and flowers, February’s aromatherapy is a blend of Geranium, Rose and Wild Orange. When inhaled, this sweet floral blend reduces anxiety and has a calming effect on the body. Topically, it decreases pain and inflammation. Geranium & Rose were historically used for their antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties to aid with skin conditions and promoting of skin health. Made from the peels of oranges, Wild Orange is fresh, citric and sweet. It is used to boost the immune system and has a positive, uplifting effect on mood.