Welcome Julio!

Dear Radiant Family,

We are incredibly lucky to have Julio joining us! Clients are already raving about his massages and the amazing results they are experiencing after a session with him.

If you haven’t scheduled with Julio- I suggest that you give him a try. He has awesome technique, good hands, and a great energy about him. He specializes in Pin & Stretch (aka Active Release Therapy- ART), which is a stretching and therapeutic technique highly effective at treating problems with muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia.

If you hold reservations about it being a male therapist (it’s a thing), Julio holds the same standards that I do. We are healers. We don’t care if you didn’t shave your legs. We love to help others and to heal with our hearts to our hands.

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Welcome to Radiant Massage Therapy

New location: 170 State Route 31, Suite 5

Sneak Peek at Room 1 😁

Not to worry- We will be at this location for a long long time! Settling in and it feels so right. This is the first time that Radiant Massage Therapy is standing on its own! This isn’t “Art of Massage by Tania” in-home massage, or located on the 3rd floor at the end of the hallway, or upstairs of a hair salon… this is it!

Radiant Massage Therapy has a home! There are 3 massage rooms & one is a Couples room! That’s right! Couples Massages! There’s a designated Spray Tan room! The hope is to host spa parties for groups (4-8ppl), serve cute appetizers, pretty mocktails and have a upscale boutique vibe.

I’m working with Julio & Vanessa in making new treatments that are catered to their strengths and skills that they have to offer.
It’ll be beneficial for YOU! And it’s something different.

Please be on the look out for changes in the Service Menu over the next couple of months. Don’t be alarmed- we will still be inclusive. No upgrades or surcharges for little indulgences… that’s what we love to offer to you! I am working on stuff. Ideas are churning.

I have been a busy bee. Doing too much for what should be “recovery” but I am inspired. I want this to be perfect for when you come to visit!

I cant wait to see you!!! The Massage Sanctuary will be waiting for you…

Welcome Vanessa!

Radiant Massage Therapy is excited to introduce Vanessa as a new team member and Massage Therapist.

Dear Radiant Family,

I’m pleased to announce that Vanessa Caballero will be supporting Radiant Massage Therapy as a new Massage Therapist, offering additional availability for your scheduling convenience. She will be providing services while I am recovering from surgery for 6-8 weeks (Aug-Oct). Vanessa will be available on the schedule and she will have some overlap before my leave on August 18.

Vanessa earned her bachelor’s degree in physical therapy in 2006, in her native country of Colombia. After working in the physical therapy field for several years, Vanessa transitioned into offering massage. She spent three years traveling with Celebrity Cruises as a resident massage therapist in the Canyon Ranch Spa. She has expertise in a variety of different massage techniques, allowing her to customize a massage treatment plan for every client. Using her background in physical therapy, Vanessa can also offer supportive guidance to help clients set health goals, whether improve posture and flexibility, muscle tension release, improve energy, better manage stress.

Please make Vanessa feel welcome. She’s an incredible therapist. I’m very confident in her abilities, her professionalism and her compassionate nature. I will be leaving you in good hands while I am gone.

Be Well, Be Radiant

Tania Sigalas

Happy Mother’s Day

Celebrate Mom and all that she does… schedule her a much needed Me Time Retreat or Radiant Massage to pamper and indulge her spirit.

All of our Mother’s Day services will be full of small touches to make sure Mom feels special and appreciated.

Gift Certificates are available online. Gift wrapping is available upon request.

Medical Massage

New: Medical Massage

Abbreviated 45 minute sessions to address health concerns and chronic pain patterns. This is a blend of Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Russian Sports Massage, Structural Integration, Stretching, and other therapeutic modalities to relieve pain. Get on the road to Be Well.

Global Massage Makes Me Happy & Healthy Day

“Massage Makes Me Happy” (said anyone who’s had one) 

 Massage can indeed bring happiness. Studies show that it alleviates stress, helps manage pain, and reduces depression. In short, after a massage, you just feel better–emotionally and physically. If you’re someone who makes massage part of their self-care strategy or you just treat yourself once a year, this is no surprise. The multitude of benefits that massage offers is the chief reason we think celebrating Massage Makes Me Happy Day on March 20 is important. But, to be fair, the 19th and 21st work just as well.   

 First, What Is Massage Makes Me Happy?  

 Part of the Global Wellness Institute Initiative, Massage Makes Me Happy is a global movement that aims to celebrate the healing powers of massage therapy and promote its benefits through research, education, advocacy, and awareness. You can join that movement and celebrate Massage Makes Me Happy Day by connecting with a friend and suggesting you take a break one day to enjoy a service. It’s way more than just pampering – not that’s there’s anything wrong with that, haha.

 Want to Learn More About the Benefits of Massage?  

 If you want to be a massage nerd, this link will take you to a collection of research, provided by the Global Wellness Institute.  Wellness Evidence Databases.  

We hope to see you on the the table soon!

Couples Massage

Whether you want to strengthen your relationship, celebrate a special occasion, or simply looking for something fun to do with your significant other, a couples massage could be the perfect plan. At Radiant Massage Therapy, we love helping our clients relax and connect with their partners, and we understand the healing benefits that come with it.

A New Shared Experience

It’s true; couples who share new experiences and try new things together are more closely bonded. You and your partner will continue to grow and learn new things about each other each time you try something new. What better new experience is there than one that will encourage relaxation and intimacy?

Increase Affection

Massages relieve tension from your muscles, but they also release natural chemicals like oxytocin in the body. When you and your partner receive oxytocin — also called the ‘cuddle chemical’ — you will experience increased happiness, calmness, and pleasure both during the massage and after.

Relieve Family Stress

Just like oxytocin, the body also releases serotonin and dopamine during a massage. These chemicals increase feelings of affection, wellbeing, and calmness. Not only can a massage improve your mood, but it can also help reduce stress and encourage thoughtful conversations with your significant other.

Spend Time Together

We know the average couple today have full calendars and countless obligations to feel like they can’t fit in a couples massage. When you schedule an appointment, you are committed to carving out the 60 or 90 minutes for each other. It prioritizes the other person and allows the time to be together.

Be Present

Too many couples fall victim to dwelling on past memories and future uncertainties, leaving them unable to enjoy the present. Massage encourages the participants to embrace the present and fully engage themselves in the activity. After a massage, many couples find that with a little effort they can remain mindful and aware of each other through out day-to-day responsibilities.

Radiant Spa Party

“Had an amazing experience! Tania helped plan a luxurious afternoon for me and 3 mom friends. Tania went above and beyond and set up a relaxing party area. We all agreed we received a personalized & **premium** service!! Would 100% recommend!! We’re already planning our next trip back!”
— Christina A.

Reiki Balance with Chuck Burt

Chuck Burt is a Level 3 Usui Reiki Master and Licensed Massage Therapist of 14 years. Chuck is a true caregiver with a nurturing heart.

What does Reiki do for you?

Reiki is clinically shown to promote relaxation, reduce stress and provide symptom relief to improve overall health and well-being.

What does it feel like?

Reiki tends to bring on a meditative state, deep relaxation or sleep. Many people feel different like heat, tingling, ebb and flow, or wavelike sensations. Studies show that reiki treatment may create feelings of peace, relaxation, security and wellness.

Appointments are limited. Additional appointments may be available upon request.