For the month of June, Radiant Massage Therapy has designed two exclusive body treatments… Detoxify: Infrared Body Wrap and Coconut Oil Scalp Massage. Each is paired with our Tea Tree and Grapefruit Essential Oil blend to maximize a full body Detox. Every detail is thought out and specifically chosen to be of the highest benefit for our clients.

Detoxify: Infrared Body Wrap with Kaolin Clay, Tea Tree & Grapefruit is a unique, full body treatment where you are completely indulged. A dry body exfoliation sloughs away dead skin cells and preps the skin to absorb a rich application of tea tree & grapefruit infused oil & kaolin clay. The body is then wrapped in an insulating sheet and swaddled between infrared heated blankets to increase the overall body temperature to induce a vigorous sweat. For 20-30 minutes, the body absorbs minerals that deeply nourish the skin, and expels unwanted water weight and toxins. While comfortably cocooned, a Coconut Oil Scalp Massage is performed to stimulate and moisturize the scalp while calming the nervous system and decompressing the whole body. After the wrap, warm lavender towels are used to cleanse the body and remove excess clay. The treatment ends with a caffeinated lotion that plumps, smooths and tightens target areas to reduce the visibility of cellulite. The body is left feeling soft, invigorated and free of muscular tension.

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