Opening February 1!

The day is almost here and I am so elated for you… my clients! This move is so much more than I ever thought it could be. The facility is gorgeous and the space is boutique, chic and intimate. It’s been designed to be a total sanctuary with relaxation details in mind. Plush robes, check! Comfortable chaise, check! Healing environment, check! This is your space and I can’t wait for you to visit!

I’ve integrated what I know of luxury high end spas, top of the line medical clinics and the character and charm of Flemington into a cozy, beautiful spa space. Schedule your massage soon. You deserve it. This place is made for you in mind.

Buy A Wellness Package

Radiant Wellness Package: Buy 3 and Save Big. Use one, Keep one and Gift one. Our packages are transferable… no extra fees. Our prices are all inclusive– No upgrades, no membership, no additional charges. Just relax and enjoy your service. Gratuity is part of integrative health care and gratuity is not expected for service. Commit to self care and have a massage to share! This is a great idea for Valentine’s Day.

  • No obligation. Our clients choose Radiant Massage Therapy because of our continued standard in excellence and results of care. Convenient Maintenance for Wellness. Schedule your massage when you need it and when it works for you.
  • Series for chronic pain management. Commit to 3 sessions in a short duration of time to address chronic pain areas.
  • Prevention of injury flare-ups. Freedom to schedule monthly to prevent re-occurring injuries. This is especially useful if for athletes that are training for upcoming events. The training process can be tough on the body and having Massage Therapy in between training sessions can help curtail any flare-ups.
  • Rehabilitation support of injuries after surgery. Support the healing process with Massage Therapy and schedule your massage as an integrative therapy to your rehabilitation plan. At Radiant Massage Therapy, we are open to collaborating with your current health team to support your care.
  • Stress and anxiety management. Massage Therapy is shown to have a positive impact on mental health and decreases anxiety, depression and stress. Schedule your massage when you need it.
  • Body pampering and indulgence in a spa setting. Our unique background in Massage Therapy allows for not only a clinical approach to the body, but also the ambiance and skill to provide a truly decadent spa experience.
  • Affordable Option for Self Care. Our all-inclusive model is competitive with other Massage Therapy practices and offers an incredible value. In a side by side comparison, Radiant Massage Therapy allows for freedom to customization, the use of luxury and organic products and a truly individualized massage experience.

New Location Opening February 1, 2021

OMG! There are so many awesome new things happening here at Radiant Massage Therapy… We are excited to announce our new permanent location inside Legends Salon & Spa in Flemington!

Thank you everyone for being so patient and understanding these last two months while we have transitioned locations. We promise it is for the better! We are located in a beautifully restored brick building at 70 Church Street by Route 31. (No more circle!) Radiant Massage Therapy is located upstairs in the Spa. We have new amenities and the ambiance is everything you deserve in a spa. We cannot wait for you to see it!!!

We will continue to temporarily operate from Le Spa in Whitehouse Station for a seamless and uninterrupted continuation of services. You are welcome to check out the aesthetic services that are offered at Le Spa on their website,